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Print dialog

Click on the File menu, click Print. A dialog appears
with options for printing an image. To the right you
see two previews of the image: one that shows how it
would look printed in Portrait orientation, the other
shows it in Landscape.
To the left, you have several option buttons to choose
how the image will appear on the page. The first two
are Best Fit and Stretch to Page. Best Fit places the
image on the page as large as it can, without altering
the dimensions. Stretch to Page will fill the print
area, even if it has to re-size one dimension. Click
one button, to select that option.
Below those two options is another option button to
Scale the image to fit it on the page. If you click
this option, the two boxes to its right become active.
Type in a value to change that dimension of the image;
1.00 is its normal size. Change it to 2.00 to make the
image twice as large in that dimension. After typing
your changes, click the Refresh button to update the
preview images.
Below the Scale option is a check box, Center on Page;
click this to have the image printed in the center of
the paper. The previews show how this looks. Uncheck
it to move the image back to edges of the print area.
After selecting all options, click the Print button at
the bottom of the dialog box. This will bring up the
Windows print dialog, from which you complete the
task as usual. Remember to tell Windows whether you
want the image printed in Portrait of Landscape
If you change your mind about printing, you can exit
the IrfanView print dialog by clicking Cancel. You can
also use this to exit when the print job is finished.
Another way to exit is to click the X in the upper
right corner.



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.