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Menu Bar


IrfanView menu bar
The menu bar is the horizontal bar across the top of
IrfanView, just under the title. It lists the name of
each pull-down menu. Their contents are: 
File Menu contains: Open, Reopen, Thumbnails, Slideshow,
     Batch Conversion, Rename File, Move File, Copy File,
     Delete File, Save, Save As, Print, Select Source, 
     Acquire, Exit, MRUDs
Edit Menu contains: Undo, Add Text, Cut, Crop, Copy,
     Paste, Delete, Clear Clipboard
Image Menu contains: Information, Rotate Left, Rotate
     Right, Vertical Flip, Horizontal Flip, Resize, 
     Resample, Increase Color Depth, Decrease Color
     Depth, Convert to greyscale, Negative, Brightness,
     Contrast, Color Balance, Gamma Correction, Sharpen,
     Effects, Swap Colors, Edit Palette
Options Menu contains: Properties, Stop Animation,
     Extract All Frames, Capture, Video Size, Loop
     Video/Music, Play Audio CD, Stop Audio CD, Sort
     Directory Files, Set as Wallpaper, Minimize,
     Always on Top
View Menu contains: Toolbar, Full Screen, Best Fit to
     Desktop, Next File in Directory, Previous File in
     Directory, First File in Directory, Last File in
     Directory, Random File in Directory, Refresh,
     Zoom In, Zoom Out, Original Size, Multipage TIFF
About Menu contains: Thanks, Registration, Info,
     About IrfanView



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.