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There were numerous updates, here are only the more
important things.

Version numbers:
1.70,  1.80,  1.85,  1.90,  1.95,  1.97,  1.98,
1.98a, 1.99,  2.00,  2.05,  2.07,  2.10,  2.12,
2.15,  2.17,  2.18,  2.20,  2.22,  2.25,  2.27,
2.30,  2.32,  2.35,  2.37,  2.40,  2.52,  2.55,
2.60,  2.63,  2.65,  2.66,  2.68,  2.80,  2.82,
2.83,  2.85,  2.90,  2.92,  2.95,  2.97,  2.98,
Version 3.00
- Finally: Thumbnails! Menu: File, Hotkey: T :-)
- New: Extract frames from MPG/MOV files is possible
- The edit field in the toolbar is now editable
  (set custom directory index)
- Move to next/previous file with PgDn/PgUp
  (if no vertical scrollbar)
- New option: Display 'Save'-Dialog for 'File->Save'
  (in Properties->Others)
- Some minor bugs fixed

Version 2.98 - The memory bug with the Filter Factory is fixed!
Version 2.97 - Support for the Photoshop Filter-Factory. Thanks to Michael Johannhanwahr :-) IrfanView's menu: 'Image-> Effects->Filter Factory', Hotkey: K Supported are FF (*.8BF) filters. You can find more than 1500 (!!!) such filters at the web site of Steve Fisher: - New edit option: Add text to image (into the selection) - New: Capability to extract icons from (most) 32-bit EXE/DLL files - Saving file as TGA (uncompressed) - New menu item: 'View->Random file in directory', Hotkey: CTRL+M - New menu item: 'View->No Zoom', Hotkey: CTRL+H - New advanced batch option: 'Use aspect ratio' for resize - New option: 'Use flat toolbar' in Properties->Others - Some minor bugs fixed (animated cursors etc.) - I have a brand new homepage, designed by Gizmo :-)
Version 2.95 - Improved batch conversion! (Button: Advanced Options) :-) - Improved print capabilities (preview) - Playing audio CDs in background (Menu: Options or File->Open) - New option: Color balance (change RGB intensity) - New effect: 3D Button - The toolbar is now flat - New shell options in: properties->extensions->advanced (SendTo, View with ...) - New options in the 'Decrease color depth'-Dialog (Custom number of colors) - New options in Properties->GIF: Show transparency in single images - New viewing option: Show filename transparent: y/n (in Properties->Viewing) - Some command line problems are fixed ;-) - Exit fullscreen mode with: left mouse click in the left/right upper corner - New hotkey: C (for Options->Capture) - New hotkey: CTRL+A (for File->Acquire)
Version 2.92 - Read support for G3 FAX files (the extension MUST BE *.g3 or *.G3!!) - New effect: Pixelize - New effect: Fine Rotation - New menu item: Image->Effects->Setup (set parameters for effects) - All effects are now available for selections too :-) (selection or full image) - New fullscreen option: view images with the normal size (in properties) - New menu item: Loop video/music (menu: options) - New slideshow option: Random after mouse/keyboard input - Improved cropping (undo is now possible) ;-) - The 'Extract AVI Frames'-Bug under WinNT is fixed - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.90 - Improved resampling!!! Better results than Photoshop ;-) - New effects: Sharpen, Blur, Oil paint, Emboss, Edge detection, Median, Explosion - Support for LWF files (LuRaWave format, Wavelet compression) (Note: IrfanView can't save images larger than 640 x 480 pixels as LWF! -> For large images use the 'LuraWave Studio' from WWW.LURATECH.COM) - Support for ASCII PBM/PGM/PPM files (reading) - Support for AIF sound files (MS Active Movie is required!) - The Slideshow timer can be now less than one second - Improved support for WMF/EMF (Batch conversion is now possible) - Saving file as EMF (Enhanced windows metafile) - New option: 'Fit images to the whole screen in the fullscreen mode' (Viewing) - New scrolling possibility: with the right mouse button (press and move)
Version 2.85 - Support for EPS files (Encapsulated PostScript, TIFF preview only) - Support for CLP files (Windows Clipboard file) - Support for CAM files (Casio digital camera file, with JPG) - The 'Capture' feature is available :-) - New feature: Extract all AVI frames! (options->extract all frames) - Display mouse coordinates (single mouse click/move) - New option: Hide mouse cursor in fullscreen and slideshow mode - New hotkey: CTRL-W (start slideshow with files from current directory) - New hotkey: Shift+G (for Gamma correction) - Better compatibility with Win98 (registry)
Version 2.83 - The slideshow bug on some systems is fixed - New options: (in the 'Properties' dialog): - New option: Delete to Recycle Bin - New option: Jump to the next file after deleting - New option: Ask to overwrite file for 'Save' and 'Save as' - New option: Don't notify if the end/begin of the directory is reached - New hotkey: Ctrl+Y for Crop - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.82 - New menu item: About->Thanks :-) - Support for DCX files (multiple PCX) - Support for windows cursor files (*.CUR) - Support for animated windows cursor files (*.ANI) - New menu item: Save (Hotkey: Ctrl+S) - save current file in the same folder - New option: Extract all frames (for ANIs and animated GIFs) - New slideshow option: Sort (files by name, date etc.) :-) - New command line option: '/c=filename' (convert input file to 'filename') Example: i_view32 c:\test.bmp /c=c:\giftest.gif => Convert file: 'c:\test.bmp' to 'c:\giftest.gif' without GUI :-) (Note: supported are all IrfanView read/save formats except: AVI, MOV, MPG, WAV, MID, WMF, EMF) - New option: video size (for AVI, MOV and MPG) Set the video size for all videos :-) - New hotkey: D (for edit->delete: remove image from the memory/screen) - New options in 'Properties->Viewing': a) View all files in directory (enable/disable moving with space/backspace) b) Set the zoom step (default: 10 %) - Moving with <- and -> in WAV, AVI, MPG, MOV, MID - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.80 - New!!! The toolbar is now available :-) - Support for MPEG/MOV files (MS Active Movie is required!) - Support for Adobe Photoshop files (*.PSD) - Support for Corel PhotoPaint 6.0 files (*.CPT) ... this is a TIFF ;-) - New edit options: CUT/CROP (select a portion of image with the left mouse button) Now you can cut or copy portions of an image :-) - New: The ONE-Step UNDO option is available (see next line) - New option in 'Properties->Others': "Use UNDO option" (default is OFF to save memory) Undo is available for following changes: Resize/Resample, Increase/Decrease color depth, Convert to greyscale, Negative, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma correction, Cut - New options in 'Properties->Extensions' (Set Icon, Other extensions) - New option in 'Properties->Others': "Create desktop link for IrfanView" - The zoom step is now always 10 % (10 % till 1000 %)
Version 2.68 - Choosing between 5 copy/move directories (ask for copy/move must be ON) - Some print bugs fixed
Version 2.66 - Some BMP bugs are fixed (RLE 4) - Some IFF bugs are fixed (HAM 6) - Some RAS bugs are fixed (support for compressed SunRAS) - Support for 40-BPP images - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.65 - Scan support (TWAIN) - New menu option: Sort directory files (by name/date/size/extension) - Some IFF bugs are fixed - The bug with some long names is fixed - New menu item: Minimize (to task bar) , Hotkey: M (BOSS-Key ;-) - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.63 - New 'View' menu item: 'Multipage TIFF' (next/previous page etc.) - New GIF save option: 'Save Interlaced' - Some GIF bugs are fixed - The german version of IrfanView is available :-)
Version 2.60 - New feature: Batch Conversion :-) Note: IrfanView can't convert WMF/EMF to ANY (format) in batch mode! - New menu item: Increase color depth (to 4, 8, 24 BPP) - New menu item: Decrease color depth (to 1, 4, 8 BPP) - New menu item: Resample image (Smooth), better than 'Resize', but slower - New option in 'Properties->Other': "Use 'Smooth' for Fit To Desktop ..." - New slideshow option: 'Add All' :-) - New options in the 'Resize' dialog
Version 2.55 - Improved GIF-Animation :-) - Support for sound files: WAV, MID and RMI :-) - Enabled Zooming/Scrolling in the fullscreen mode - The bug with some 24-BPP IFF-Files is fixed - The bug with some 24-BPP TARGA-Files is fixed - New command line option: '/slideshow=txtname.txt' Example: i_view32.exe /slideshow=c:\mypics.txt Note: The file 'c:\mypics.txt' contains, in each line, a name of the image, including the full path!
Version 2.52 - Save options are now in the Save dialog - Preview support for Windows Metafiles - Preview support for AVIs (Video for Windows) - New option: 'Gamma Correction' - New: 'Best fit to desktop' is now "on" or "off" - New feature in the 'Resize' dialog: 'Preserve aspect ratio' - Improved 'Brightness' and 'Contrast' - Support for 64-BPP PNGs - Save large images as ICO (more than 128 x 128 pixels) - Remember the last slideshow file list - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.50 - Saving file as ICO (The maximum size for an ICON is: 128 x 128 pixels) - Support for uncompressed PCXs (read) - New option: 'Convert to 2 Colors' (black/white) - New option: 'Clear MRUDs' (in 'Properties->Other Options') - New option: 'Rename File' (Hotkey: F6) - New slideshow option: 'Random display' - New print option: 'Vertical - Best Fit' - New option: 'Swap colors' (RGB->RBG, RGB->BGR, RGB->BRG, RGB->GRB, RBG->GBR) - Improved 'Set as wallpaper' (centered/tiled/restore) - Improved AVI playing - Some ICO bugs are fixed (black/white ICONs etc.) - The registry-bug with some extensions is fixed (ICO, BMP)
Version 2.40 - Support for TIFFs with the JPEG compression (read/write) - The bug with some LZW-TIFFs is fixed (incorrect colors) - Support for TIFFs with separated color channels (read) - Support for YCbCr-TIFFs (read)
Version 2.37 - Brightness/Contrast dialog: CANCEL-button is available - New option: 'Edit palette' (display and change image palette) - New options in 'Properties->GIF', choose transparent GIF color (palette index) - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.35 - Support for PBM/PGM/PPM file formats (binary only) - Support for Amiga IFF/LBM format - Save GIFs with transparent (background) color (=black) - The 'minimize bug' is now fixed ;-) - New menu item: 'MRUDs' = 'most recently used directories' (Menu: 'File') (IrfanView can remember the last 5 viewing directories) - New option: 'Remember last window position' in 'properties->others'
Version 2.32 - Play animated GIFs in normal window! (no fullscreen more :-) - Improved GIF-Saving (save as 1 and 4 bits-per-pixel) - Saving file as PCX - Support for CMYK TIFFs - Enabled copy/move files in the fullscreen mode (F8/F7) - Remember the last viewing/saving directory - Remember the last window position - New options for slideshow: load/save slideshow, pause (press 'Pause') - New option: 'Always on Top'
Version 2.30 - PREVIEW option ('File->Open'), doesn't work with WMF/EMF and AVI! - Support for multiple Icons (1,4,8,16,24 and 32 bits-per-pixel) - The bug with 'Properties' under WinNT 4.0 Service-Pack-2 is fixed - New options for slideshow (see 'slideshow')
Version 2.27 - New feature: SLIDESHOW :-) How to use? You can add files to slideshow list with: - Drag & Drop (select one or more files ...) - Select one or more files and press the 'ADD' button - Double click on the filename - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.25 - New features: converting to greyscale, negative, brightness and contrast - Bugs with some BMPs are fixed (new decompression routine :-) - New menu item: 'Refresh directory' -> update of directory indexes (hotkey: 'U') - New option in 'Properties->MultipleGIF': "None" (for no animation) - New hotkey: 'Shift+R' for "Reopen" - Double click on left mouse button -> Fullscreen - Click on left mouse button -> load previous image (in fullscreen mode only!) - Click on right mouse button -> load next image (in fullscreen mode only!) - New registration price: 10 USD or 15,- DEM ;-)
Version 2.22 - Support for some special JPEGs (Adobe ...) - improved rotating left/right for black/white and 16-color images - improved Drag&Drop (IrfanView changes immediately to the target directory :-) - The option: 'Always fit to desktop for big images' is available again :-) - Bugs with some GIFs and PCXs are fixed - The animated-GIF dialog moved to 'Properties->Multiple GIF' :-) - Jump to the first/last file (after reaching last/first image in directory, IrfanView jumps to the first/last image in directory) - New option: 'Ask to rename if incorrect extension' (in 'Other options') - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 2.20 - The BIGGEST IrfanView Bug is fixed!!! :-) (now you can resize images to any size you wish without deformations and cache contents inserted in the picture) - Support for 16-bpp (BitsPerPixel) BMPs/DIBs and 16-bpp TIFs (read only) - Better horizontal flip for black/white images - The option: 'Always fit to desktop for big images' is not more available - The IrfanView Code was again optimized :) => the EXE file is smaller - And I have a new home page :-)
Version 2.18 - The bug with corrupted GIFs is fixed - Support for Multipage-TIFFs with more than 256 pages (pictures) - New options in "Properties->extensions": 'Select all' and 'Clear all' - Support for (*.SUN) extension (=RAS, Sun Raster Images) - Modifications in About-Box
Version 2.17 - Multipage-TIFF support! (One of the first viewers with multipage TIFF support) - Support for 'Exif'-JPEGs - New option in "Properties->Copy/Move/Save": default 'save as' directory - Rename-question for files with incorrect extension - The Multiple-GIF timer is now much better :) - Some minor bugs fixed (very large GIFs, 'paste->save as')
Version 2.15 - Multiple (animated) GIF Support! IrfanView is the first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple GIF support. (One known bug: with some specially transparency combinations) Much fun :) - New menu: Convert to 256 colors (for true color images only) - Some WMF bugs are fixed (with old (Win 3.x) WMFs) - Now: "Save as" with lower case names - And you can copy my E-Mail address from "About-Box" :)
Version 2.12 - The GIF-Decompression is now totally rewritten! I hope without bugs :) - Windows metafiles support (WMF=Windows Metafile and EMF=Enhanced Metafile) - Command line support for AVIs (Fullscreen for AVI is not available) - Some minor bugs fixed (startbar, extensions etc.)
Version 2.10 - Print support - "Always fit to desktop" was changed to "Always fit to desktop for big images" - Some minor bugs fixed (GIFs, rotate under WinNT, overlapping) - NEW! Command line options: /one, /fs, /bf, /pos=(x,y), /title=text : /one - force "only one instance" /fs - force Full Screen /bf - force Best Fit /title=text - set window title /pos=(x,y) - move the window to x,y Notes: - Only lower case options are supported: Examples: i_view32 test.bmp /BF = incorrect i_view32 test.bmp /bf /title=My PIC = correct
Version 2.07 - AVI support (video for windows) - Jump to first/last file in the directory (CTRL+F,CTRL+L) - New option: always fit to desktop (properties->other options) - Finally: "Save as", non-extension support - Read support for extensions: *.jpeg, *.tiff - Correct displaying of all Photo-CD files (rotate) - Copy/move/delete windows - Copying/moving: Replace question if the file exists (replace of read-only files) - More hotkeys (rotate, flip, properties, image info etc.) - Some minor bugs fixed (GIF,RAS)
Version 2.05 - Edit options (Copy/Paste/Delete/Clear Clipboard) - New in "Properties->Other options": allow Only 1 instance of IrfanView - Read-Header function is implemented, warning if incorrect extension - Some fast-directory-view bugs fixed (like: last image)
Version 2.00 - Progressive JPEG support (read/save) - Alphabetical sorting of images in directory - Some minor bugs fixed
Version 1.99 - New fast directory view! This part is now totally rewritten; no more lost files and incomplete lists. Files are shown in the order they stay in FAT: that means unsorted. Coming in next release: sorting files in alphabetical order. - Fixed bugs with some ICOs, and compressed BMPs
Version 1.98a - Fixed bug with 256-colour-ICO - Fixed bugs with fit-to-desktop and resize - New menu outfit - Zoom percentage shown in title bar - Positioning window somewhere else than top left corner (biggest known bug: IrfanView still can NOT correctly resize images whose dimensions exceed actual screen resolution; if you do not want to cut edges of your image, void saving in this situation)
Version 1.98 - Viewing ICO - Zooming in and out (known bug: zooming in large images works till now only up to 500 %) - Resize image
Version 1.97 - Viewing RAS - Fixed some bugs with fast directory view and GIF
Version 1.95 - Viewing TGA - Image flip/rotate - Image copy/move to another directory - New tab-dialogs (Menu: Options->Properties) - IrfanView doesn't support Win32s any more
Version 1.90 - Viewing Photo CD - "Fast directory view" (jump to next image in the current directory with space, to previous with backspace) - Set image as wallpaper
Version 1.85 - Windows 95-dialogs (open/save file) - Viewing 2 bits per pixel PNG - Saving file as TIFF
Version 1.80 - Viewing PCX and RLE - Viewing greyscale TIFF - Fixed some bugs with GIF
Version 1.70 - Viewing TIFFs (uncompressed, LZW, packbits, Huffmann, fax group 3, fax group 4)



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.